Find out how we used our own product to drive a return on investment of 788.13% starting from absolute zero...

How We Drove $71,050 In Additional Revenue Using Our Own Product

When we say we started from zero traffic, we literally mean zero traffic.

What's in our case study?

  • How not using our own product was causing us to lose trust and revenue with our customers.  
  • How we saved an average of $1709.65/month and 15 hours of management time.  
  • Our two most popular pieces of content that still drive inbound leads today.  
  • How we drove a return on investment of 788.13% over 8 months.

Why did we write a case study on ourselves?

Part of why Ghostit exists is because we wanted a product and service like this for ourselves. We knew we needed to start content marketing but we were so busy trying to grow the company we kept putting it off. 

We knew how important content marketing is because that is what we preach to our customers... day in and day out. Our platform and system are designed to automate content for other companies so there was no reason it couldn't do just that for us. 

We put ourselves through everything our customers would go through:  

- Content Marketing Strategy - Content Creation - Strategy Iteration - Distribution

Over a period of eight months we realized a return on investment of 788%.

We are usually pretty discrete about sharing revenue numbers of any kind but we really thought that showing direct screenshots of what worked for us really hammers home how effective automating your online presence can be and how it can consistently drive inbound leads.

—The Ghostit Team